Authenticity and tradition

Delicious, farm-to-fork cuisine and charming Sardinian-style rooms.

You come to Sardinia for the sea, you leave with a rich cultural experience, your memory full of sensations and feelings you won’t forget.
Staying at La Biada is an authentic experience. Dine with us or enjoy a full stay in the old barns turned into cosy rooms.

A family that continues the ancient traditions

Set in the coastal valley framed by the hills of Santa Margherita di Pula, La Biada smells of the sea.
Opened in 1995 as a bit of a dare, today it is an enchanted and authentic place where the whole Sferlazzo family welcomes and hosts guests with the very best of Sardinian tradition.
Delicacies and local dishes prepared every day, offering guests the authentic taste of traditional country life and food.
Gemma’s ravioli, Francesca’s warm welcome, Luca’s roasts and papa Carlo’s watchful and attentive eye are the promise of an experience to be savoured and treasured.

La Biada Farm Holidays

When you choose
a farm holiday,
it has to be
the real deal.

The rooms

Wooden furniture, Sardinian fabrics and peaceful nights in the Sardinian countryside.

A 4-hectare park of Mediterranean scrub, it houses 8 cosy rooms furnished in the local style, with natural wood and Sardinian fabrics.
The rooms are available in various sizes – double and family, all with outdoor patio.


The winner is……

Top winners of the 2019 tv show “4 ristoranti”, awarded by Alessandro Borghese as “the best holiday restaurant in South Sardinia”.
An extraordinary experience uniting the warmth of a family dedicated to hospitality and the very best of Sardinian tradition at your table.

you have managed to convey the authentic traditions
of your land through cuisine and entertainment!”

Alessandro Borghese


Sardinia, my mother, my mint and freshly made ricotta.

I treat guests and family the same, I cook with passion for everyone who sits at my table.

They ask me for the secret of my ravioli… It’s difficult to answer but if a secret exists it is a secret even to me.
I repeat each step, with love and dedication, I use top quality ingredients, spring water, freshly made ricotta cheese, my precious mint and a lot of passion… maybe that’s the secret.

The son of fire and libations to the gods.

The heat of the embers brings out the scent of the meat.
Premium meats born and bred in Sardinia, offer their surprising taste.
All Luca needs is a light touch, attention to the colour and a first taste to know when the meat is cooked to perfection.
Now… a bed of freshly picked myrtle, delicious red wine and the “Sardinian style roast porchetto” is served….
Cheeses, cold cuts and other local delicacies open the rite of the traditional Sardinian meal.

Wedding day

It’s with good reason that they say your wedding is “the most important day of your life”.
Here at Biada we work to make it the most beautiful day too. The park offers enchanting spots to set up your day as you wish, under the tree lit by a thousand lights, beside the fountain, on the expansive lawn…
Everything is perfect, the location is magical, the food is sublime and your day will be truly unforgettable.

South Sardinia, rich in magical views and nature spots.

It can be said with good reason that Sardinia has the most beautiful sea in the world… it can also be said that Sardinia is a paradise. Some believe it is the ancient Atlantis described by Plato in the dialogues of Critias and Timaeus, others tell the tale of the Sherden people, who lived on the island at the centre of the great green, the Mediterranean Sea.
What is certain is that the mystery continues, and it is found in that primordial feeling of discovery that you feel as soon as you set foot here. The ancient city of Nora, a few minutes from the Biada farm restaurant, the numerous Nuraghi that stand on the hilltops, the stunning beaches with rolling dunes, the mountains overlooking the sea, all tell the story of a land that has always struck visitors with its unique beauty.


Via San Francesco, 62
09050, Santa Margherita di Pula,
Cagliari, Sardegna,



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